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    Peer to Peer Health Science
    Citizen Science Collaboration
    Unbiased validation of health outcomes
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    Unbiased validation of health outcomes
    Citizen Science Collaboration
    Peer to Peer Health Science
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    Peer to Peer Health Science
    LKN protocol
Introduction Health Science Cooperative Network

The is an outcome driven, grassroots science cooperative discovering and applying scientific knowledge in real time. We are in pursuit of understanding health science in an open, secure and resilient network prioritising the ideals of prevention, repair and rejuvenation of health. The project is looking for volunteers to join the collaboration as individuals, software engineers, blockchain developers, data scientists, research scientists or anyone with with an interest in health.

  • Unbiased validated outcomes

    The LKN protocol is used to provide a rigorous and independed validation of outcomes claimed by the science. Read more about the at LKN prototcol.

  • How to join

    Anyone can join the network. Initially the wearable device listed on this site will be active in the network. A link will be provided to the mobile Dapp once it is ready for download at ios AppStore and Play Stores for andriod.

  • Wearable Sensor

    The mio wearable device has been selected to build a test mobile Dapp around. This is under development at

  • PtoP Science

    Contribute science, ask questions and all science must be in a computational form.

  • Mobile Dapp August 2017
  • Resolution Wallet Sept 2017
  • Test network Sept 2017
  • Living Health LIVE 2018

A peer to peer citizen science collaboration

Open and permissionless participation. Everyone is treated the same.


A limited set of sensors, starting with one wearable. Others will be added until the protocol can securly accept any device.

MIO - being tested


Import from gene sequencing services.





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Health Science & Outcome validation

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